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The purpose of this website is to provide background for an email you have received. Our hope is that you will feel MTM is a company you can work with.


We represent MTM because they are the most creative designer and manufacturer of recognition awards and award programs. MTM’s creative services make what we can provide almost unlimited in scope.  If you have an award concept in mind we can bring it to reality efficiently and on budget.


MTM manufactures in the USA - from our facilities in Oklahoma City and Princeton Illinois. We also have facilities in Mexico and China where it is necessary to meet design and budget considerations.   

No other recognition company has the capability and facilities to do what we do.

Program Administration: Our customers are large and small. We have global administration where needed, and local service when desired. We do what is needed to make your program run smoothly and efficiently, period.


Give us an opportunity to work with you to design and manufacture custom recognition awards or award programs, focused on your culture, needs, and desires. You won't be disappointed.

 Neal Larsen

Neal Larsen, Wisconsin Representative


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